Security Bot

  • MetaCert's patented Security Bot runs silently in the background.

  • Fully integrated into your Slack installation. It doesn't matter what computer or mobile device your employees use - they are always protected.

  • Works across all WiFi and cell networks. Your employees are protected no matter where they work from.

  • Fully configurable. You can install the security bot in all, multiple or all public channels. It can be configured to automatically protect all newly created channels too.

  • Protection against Malware. Phishing and Pornography. You choose the categories.

    You choose which services to turn on - 'Malware & Phishing' and 'Pornography'.

  • No hardware or software to install. Installation and configuration takes just 33 seconds.

  • Protection against the world's biggest database of URLs that have been classified as malicious or 'not safe for work'.

Security Alerts

MetaCert will send a notifications the second a malicious web link has been posted to a channel. This will prevent harm being done to a users mobile device or computer, or your corporate network.

Archive and user activity monitoring

With real-time access to reporting data, IT departments and security professionals get peace of mind that their users are fully protected. When users are protected, corporate data breaches are less likely to happen. With MetaCert Reporting you get situational awareness for Slack with a searchable archive of every URL and file shared across public channels. Security compliance made easy.

Why you
should install
metacert today

Everyone knows that opening web links can be dangerous. Every day, users fall victim to a phishing attack that leads to their identity being stolen.

Some people think it's funny to share pornography without realizing the implications on content compliance policies - or the fact that it can open the door to spyware, ransomeware and malware infecting their device or your corporate network.

Your corporate email is probably well protected with sophisticated security solutions. And you probably have great network-based security too.

However, your mobile users go unprotected malicious and unwanted web links when sharing sensitive information on Slack. By installing MetaCert you no longer need to worry about users opening or sharing the wrong URL.


Price Guide for slack Security

The smart choice for slack teams!

$1.50 €1.40 £1.30 per user

Monthly Plan

  • Security Alerts
  • User Monitoring
  • Analytics
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7 days free trial

$15 €14 £13 per user

Annual Plan

  • Security Alerts
  • User Monitoring
  • Analytics
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7 days free trial

Bot Plans Include Security Alerts, User Monitoring and User Analytics


Will MetaCert protect my company from dangerous phishing bots?
Yes. MetaCert will alert your users if a bot tries to post a URL that has been classified as 'Malware & Phishing'.
What type of payment do you accept?
All major credit cards. We also offer pay-by-invoice to enterprise customers.
How do I test the service before I go live across my company?
Create a channel and then install the Security Bot. When you get to the channel configuration page select your test channel. MetaCert won't check links in any other channel but you can enable them at any time.
Does the Security Bot give the classification of safe URLs inside channels?
No. MetaCert is completely silent. It will only send an alert to a channel when it has found a malicious link.
Can I install the Security Bot without enabling Monitoring & Analytics?
Yes. And you can enable the Monitoring & Analytics service at any time in the future.
Can I subscribe to the Monitoring & Analytics service without enabling the Security Bot alerts?
Yes. You still need to install the bot for Monitoring & Analytics to work however - but it will remain completely silent. During the installation process you will be asked to subscribe to the bot alerts - just leave them disabled. You can enable them at any time.
How do I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account at any time by removing the Security bot.
Is there a limit to the number of alerts or link validations?